Rectangular Keyed Security Lockboxes

Rectangular Keyed Security Lockboxes
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Keyed lockboxes are the most economical models for families that want to protect their children from guns, other weapons, poisons, medicines or toxic cleaning supplies. The brackets can be bolted to studs in closets, bathrooms, kitchen cupboards, or the garage. The slim-line model can also be embedded in a wall with just an inch or two available for extraction of the lockbox.

Either model, with a security bracket, bolts, and two keys, can be purchased for $74.95, plus applicable taxes and UPS ground shipping charges, and a $5 handling fee. A plastic shield is also provided for slim-line models to hold contents upright and secure.

Keyed lockboxes are available with a door bracket for those who need pick-up and/or delivery service. If both brackets are needed, order the keyed security lockbox and the door bracket separately, as the door brackets are listed as separate product items for $5 for either model.

Discount prices are available for bulk orders of keyed door bracket lockboxes to enable a business to offer pick-up and/or delivery service. The amount of the discount is determined by the size of the order. See the Discount Page for more information.

See the Shopping Cart on the Contact Us page for order and payment methods. Please allow three to four weeks for your purchase to arrive. A UPS ground shipping fee and a $5 handling charge, plus any applicable taxes, must be added to the final purchase price. These costs will be shown on your invoice.