About Us

Our Business Philosophy

Our business is dedicated to the production of an excellent quality, inexpensive product that offers convenience and peace of mind to our customers, with multiple security uses for our lockboxes--as they can be attached to any part of your home for every type of security. You can embed a slim-line box in your bathrooms by creating a same-size opening in the wall, ensuring that the stud behind the wall is in the same place that the bracket is attached. Then you have a locked medicine cabinet to provide safety for children or adults with dementia who may be likely to take the wrong or too much medication. The same is true in nurseries, where safety is necessary to prevent babies or small children from reaching toxic liquids like baby lotion, baby oil, or any other lotion that they might be able to open and drink. Those materials can be fatal if swallowed, as they can coat the child's lungs and make it impossible for them to breathe. Awareness of this danger came from a family appearing on an Oprah TV program who had lost a son from this same event. Slim-line lockboxes are also necessary in kitchen cupboards to prevent a child's access to oven cleaner, liquid soap, drain cleaner, or any other toxic item.

In particular, we want to help safeguard children by keeping harmful products locked up and hidden away from them. That includes guns and any other weapons or dangers. The difference between our products and other types of lockboxes is that they are secured to a solid surface through the locked bracket. An older child cannot just walk away with a portable lockbox holding a gun or ammunition to open it somewhere else unless they are willing to tear up their family's wall and cut the stud that the bracket is bolted onto.

Keep-Safe Lockbox Corporation started business as a manufacturer and marketer of steel lockboxes for pickup and delivery of videos and games more than 12 years ago. We were a mobile video/game service provider using these lockboxes with door brackets for several years. We still have both door brackets for businesses, but security is our main goal now.  A few years ago we became aware of the inexpensive need for security of guns, weapons, poisons and medicines to protect our children. Thousands of toddlers die from poisons and toxic medications every year, and guns are dangerous for children of all ages.

We created new brackets for our lockboxes to provide this inexpensive security. Many states have laws requiring adults with weapons to provide locks or safes to keep them away from children. Various models of our product makes security for both weapons, medications, and poisons possible at a low cost.

Keep-Safe Lockboxes are protected by multiple patents.  If you have any questions, go to our Contact Page and email us at kslockbox@sbcglobal.net.