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A Keep-Safe lockbox provides security by keeping weapons or poisons out of the reach of children. They have steel brackets that bolt onto studs of walls in any room, cupboard, closet or garage. However, the slim-line lockbox bracket can also be embedded inside a wall, with only an inch extending out to pull it off the bracket. They can also be bolted to the bottom of a bed frame or back of a nightstand for instant accessibility.

Your children's safety is your primary concern. With a choice of a lockbox with a key lock or a combination-pushbutton lock, every family should be able to afford this protection.
Because keeping children safe is our primary motivation, we are adding links here to other companies or organizations with the same goal. Some of them sell products and others offer valuable information. Just click on their names to reach their pages. In addition, we have added another page of our own with more ways to keep children safe. Please check out "Keep Kids Safe" while you are browsing our site.


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