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Here at last is an inexpensive steel lockbox to protect all children-from toddlers through teens-and to provide security for guns, poisons, medicines, and valuables. A Keep-Safe lockbox's primary use is to provide security for children, with steel brackets that bolt onto studs of walls in any room, cupboard, closet or garage. However, the slim-line lockbox bracket can also be bolted to the bottom of a bed frame or back of a nightstand for instant accessibility.  It can also be embedded in a wall in a bathroom, kitchen cupboard or any wall behind pictures or draperies.

Your children's safety is your primary concern. With a choice of a key lock or a combination-pushbutton lock, every family should be able to afford this protection.

When locked onto a security bracket that has been bolted to a wall or door, or built into a wall in your bathroom, closet, or garage, either model prevents access to weapons, medications, or valuables. Keep-Safe Lockbox's slim-line model provides security for tall, slender items and includes a plastic sheet to hold items upright. The steel rectangular model secures bulkier objects, such as guns.

Dimensions of the lockboxes are as follows:  Both rectangular lockboxes are:  8-1/2 in. wide by 5-1/2 in. deep by 5-1/4 in. tall. Both slim-line boxes are 9-7/8 in. wide by 2-1/2 in. deep by 9-1/4 in. tall.  All models have the short lower-back to provide easy access and hold contents upright, and the slim-line boxes have a plastic sheet that goes in back of the contents and reaches to nearly the top of the container.  Prices range from $74.95 for either keyed model to $134.95 for either combo-pushbutton model.

In appreciation for their service, Keep-Safe Lockbox Corporation offers a 15% discount on all of our products to current military personnel and their families, as well as to all Veterans. Check out our Discount Page for information on Military Discounts.

Keep-Safe Lockboxes accepts MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card.  See the Contact Us page for more information.

Combination-Pushbutton Lockboxes
We have two models of our steel lockboxes, rectangular and slim-line. Each model includes a steel bracket with bolt holes to secure to a wall stud.
Front and back views of keyed models. Links